Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to fashion over groceries!

Remember that line in Sex and the City when Carrie says, "When I first moved to New York I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more.” Well, I can truly relate! Don't get me wrong... I have a hard time resisting Sprinkles cupcakes, a slice of Chicago pizza, or a burger from Rootstock... but give me a giant wad of cash and the choice of a brand new Miu Miu blouse or a five star meal, and I'll choose the designer piece! After all, my boyfriend is practically a trained chef. Therefore, I thought the perfect name for this blog was fashion over groceries! 
 I'd like to welcome you all, whether you be readers of "I Live For It" or brand new visitors! Here I'll be covering all aspects of fashion, whether it be the latest trend in shoes, my personal style pics, or a brand new designer on the scene. Hope you all will follow and enjoy my future posts to come!


  1. Yay! Just now getting to look! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great welcome write up, Val! ;) Love you!!!

  2. Was following I Live For It and congrats on the new blog! Following~

  3. hello! I've come over from I live for it and look forward to seeing more of your posts!

    I hope you stop by soon!

    The doll on fashion

  4. excited to hear from your new blog!

  5. I absolutely love the name of your blog! It is so clever :) I am so glad to follow you and good luck blogging :)