Friday, June 24, 2011

Inspired By: Taxi Driver

So this past month, I have subconsciously been channeling Jodi Foster's character, Iris, from the 1976 movie, Taxi Driver. Whether I am wearing high waisted leggings and my plaid cropped Rachel Antonoff Byrnsie blouse or a button down tied in a knot,  high waisted denim shorts and wedges, I am most definitely feeling this look for the summer. It's super easy, fun, and a no brainer. Nothing is worse then thinking about your outfit too much! Then it ends up looking pretty terrible, ya know? Well anyways, I picked out a bunch of items, ranging from crop tops to sunglasses that you can really bring out your inner seventies wild child. Hope you enjoy! Happy Friday! XO, Liza

Thank you to Refinery 29 Chicago for featuring fashion over groceries in 10 Things To Know This Weekend!

Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver
Teacher's Pet Tie Blouse, $40. At only 40 bucks, this little tie up sleeveless blouse is perfect for those crazy hot days when all you want to throw on is a light tank top and cut offs! Love the apple print too!
Tough Love Shorts, $38. Every girl should own a pair of denim shorts for summer, but I think we should also own these too! TOO CUTE.
Vintage Christian Dior 2056 Butterfly Sunglasses. These sunglasses will truly haunt me until they are in the drawers in my bedroom of my apartment. Ugh! They are beyond gorgeous. They do pop up on e-bay from time to time, but at a rather steep price. Hmmm.... one day I will finally give in!  
Lucy in Disguise Antibes Sailor Romper, $175. If there is anything that SCREAMS 1970's in this post, it's this adorable romper that was just put up on Shopbop today! I am a sucker for rompers, so I know I would wear this to death! Love it.
Jeffrey Campbell Suebee Black Patent Platform Sandals, $129. I absolutely adore these sandals! I am not the biggest sandal person, as I usually just wear flats in the summer, but these are an exception! Oh and they are a wedge too! 
Rekiem Chambray Tie Shirt, $79. Simple, yet chic... pairing it with a skirt, jeans, shorts, etc.
Rachel Antonoff Pastel Plaid Bra Top, $140. I have the cropped tie up top version of this, but is it crazy I want the bra too? I'd wear this at the beach with shorts and a huge sun hat. Done and done.

Karen Walker Number Six Sunglasses, $180. These glasses are just classic. Love the tortoise and the
shape. Perfect.,,,,


  1. I love tying my shirts at the waist lately too, it's so fun and easy to do with button-up blouses or even dresses! Thanks for the nice comment :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. Love the shorts with the little hearts, so cute.

  3. absolutely love the glasses, uber cool.


  4. Thank you so much !
    This is some really cute stuff (:

  5. OHHH EMMM GEEE the heart print shorts and the sailer romper are SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!!!

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  7. I've always wanted to see that movie. Jodi Foster is stunning! I love all your picks, especially those Karen Walker sunglasses!
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  8. those vintage diors are soo chic!

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  10. amazing pieces! I love those Dior glasses ♥

  11. The sunglasses are awesome!

  12. That film has so many great outfits in it!! I really want to watch it now, its been ages! Those Karen Walker sunglasses are to die for!!

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