Monday, June 27, 2011

Emerging Fashionista: Emma Stone

It's no surprise Emma Stone is climbing her way to the top in Hollywood. She's cute, funny, and ultimately a normal twenty-something girl. I love that about her. I just finished reading the July issue of Elle with her on the cover and the interview with Emma only made me like the actress more. I've read so many articles and interviews with celebs and they come off beyond conceited and full of themselves, but Emma seemed down-to-earth and actually quite real! Besides her sweet demeanor though, she is consistently bringing it each and every single time on the red carpet. I swear... I don't think she has been to an event or awards ceremony this past year and looked bad. She is always dressed impeccably head to toe. Check out some of my favorite looks of Emma below!  XO, Liza

 Emma as Carrie Bradshaw- I adore this photo SO much. Emma looks absolutely adorable and I love the  Sex and the City tribute from the opening of the show. I believe this was from Glamour, but I'm not positive. 
 Emma in Pucci- Gorgeous!! How could you not love this look? 
 And the back? Completes the dress in my opinion.
 Emma in Calvin Klein Collection- Hands down, one of my favorites from this year's Golden Globes. She looked so mature and sleek in that dress. In love with her hair pulled back and the minimal jewelry. Whoever styled her did an unbelievable job!
 Emma in Louis Vuitton- This dress may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think Emma pulled it off. I love it paired with the grey suede booties.
 Emma in Preen- Stunning!!! The make-up, the dress, the hair, the shoes? This whole look is perfection. I am in love with the hot pink pop of her lips against the baby blue dress. 
 Emma in Chanel Haute Couture- What a dress! This girl is killing it!
 Emma in Louis Vuitton- My favorite dress Emma has EVER worn. This is just amazing. I'd kill to wear this piece. 
 Emma in Lanvin- I'm not that crazy about the actual dress, but I do think Emma looks gorgeous. I love her hair tucked under and the simple make-up. That belt too ties the whole thing together. I'm not a belt person whatsoever, but I do like it in this look.

 Emma in Chanel 2011 Spring/Summer RTW- Simply stunning. I would have loved though to see the dress without the little jacket because it is so beautiful. This is a dramatic look for Emma, yet elegant at the same time. 
 Emma in Roksanda Illicinic- This dress reminds me of something Proenza Schouler would have done years ago. It's cute, yet still very fashion forward with the construction of the skirt and all.

Emma in the July issue of Elle


  1. I love that sequin dress. So fab!

    Cute blog! XO

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Yay for Chi town ladies....and your sunnies collection - enviable for sure!!! I want to borrow some! ;)

    ANd I love Emma's style too....but she needs the dark hair, looks so much better to me!

    xo-Taylor - new follower!!!!! Can't wait to follow along!

  3. i have become a huuuge fan of emma's style! she is so chic and i must say i am in love with her blonde hair :) thank you so much for your sweet comment! i am following :) ps i loovvvve your blog title!!!

    i hope you'll stay in touch and visit again soon!

  4. love your blog, and the name - fashion over groceries any day!

  5. i simple adore emma! she is gorgeous

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  6. That peachy calvin klein number was definitely a jaw dropper!

  7. i love her style too! she can make anything work! :)hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! XO

  8. She looks so fab in everything :)

  9. Emma is so stunning! She has a great style and is a good actress!
    Thanks for following me. I am now following you :)

  10. I love her in Easy A....absolutely hilarious. I love her style as well and u picked really great looks of hers.

  11. She looks super fantastic, and her hair is always styled perfectly! :)

    The Cat Hag

  12. She always looks flawless! I love the apricot dress. What I wouldn't do for that dress!

    Girl about Town XxX

  13. Gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous blog!

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  14. i LOVE emma's red carpet choices. that beaded dress is absolutely stunning and same with the simple peach one. she can go either WOW or simple and still make everyone drool over the dresses!


  15. OMG I loooooveee Emma'style! She's so fashion foward and I totally like it. And she beautiful in both blonde and red. I like her a lot! Thank you for the beautiful post!

  16. Your right, she is totally stunning! I hadn't really noticed before, but she is certainly a girl to watch. I miss her auburn hair though, i thought she looked so fabulous with it!