Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Street Style Superstar: Julia Frakes

Let's just say nowadays it is hard for me to get inspired by our so called "trendsetters." The Kardashians?    Come on... please. Rachel Bilson? Been there, done that. You want to see a completely and utterly innovative trendsetter that takes street style to the ultimate? That is Julia Frakes. Fashion blogger for Paper Magazine and her own blog Bunny Bisous, Frakes is usually spotted at all of the fashion weeks, as well as in our favorite magazines (Vogue, Teen Vogue, etc). I think she is as cute as a button and I absolutely adore her style. I swear I could swoon at photos of her all day long. Her look is eclectic, quirky, and whimsical, yet always looks polished and on point. Perfection in my eyes. Take a look at some of my favorite snaps of her below. Happy New Year everyone! XO, Liza

 Gorgeous head to toe! 
 Nerdy chic.
 Julia sitting front row rocking her Rodarte X Opening Ceremony Sunglasses and Pamela Love ring.
 This ensemble kills me. Who in the world would think to pair that Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony dress with the matching tights? Julia of course...
 Darling in her winter whites. I love too that she wears the crap out of all of her shoes. You rarely see that in the fashion world, as these people have a brand new pair on in every photo.
 That dress!!! The gorgeous Pamela Love necklace. The Proenza bag. The red patent wedges. Droooooool.
 This is just adorable in every way.
 The variety in her ensembles is truly endless. I love the turquoise socks with this whole feel black and blue feel.
 A girl that is not afraid to wear tons of color. That is a a true fashion icon to me.
 This might be my favorite out of the bunch. What are those pom pom tights because I need them! And that little coat? SO cozy looking!
 That coat is sick. Marni maybe?
Looking oh so sweet as usual.


  1. I think I have the same favourite outfit as you. I've never heard of her before, will be off to check out her blog now thanks!

    The doll on fashion

  2. well, it's mostly not my taste but interesting to watch anyway :P

    enjoy your 2012! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. I like her black & white dress!

  4. OH MY, those patent wedges. Ure not alone. Im droooling too. lol.
    I love how she pairs her tights with colored socks and HER ENTIRE WARDROBE. Cable knit sweats are jus so HUGE on her but still carry it off so well. Definitely a true fashion icon.

    Need to google more abt her biography. Very Interesting Read babe. I enjoyed it very much. I cud totally see myself followin her too.

    And YOU are the best for putting me on ur list of favorite blogs.
    I cant say enuff how apppreciated I feel. Im so glad I met you here thru blogging.

    Hope u have a great Christmas n countdown! All my best wishes to ur new year and continue to inspire me and others.

    Till then,
    Have a good week ahead love ! <3

  5. hey,
    you get a blogward from me ;-)


    xx Paula♥

  6. i totally agree with you there are way more fashionable souls out there than the one's who seem the be stealing all the attention lately! lOVE your blog & following :) x

  7. hi,really good blog,follow us if u like our blog and we will follow you too!

  8. her style is killer + she is so gorgeous :)


  9. fashion OVER groceries?? there are people out there, myself included, who have been on their death beds because we have the disease of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, etc. I myself LOVE fashion, but I don't believe loving fashion and buying clothes instead of groceries is the right message to give the younger and older populations struggling with self-hatred of their bodies. I myself am a writer and am, I am sorry to say so bluntly, disgusted with the title of this blog.

  10. Amazing style, so cute, but can someone please feed this girl? If she was an "A list celebrity" everyone and their mother would be talking about how horribly skinny she is, but I guess because she's a cutesy young blogger girl, has the whole sweet innocent image going on, it's fine that she looks like a friggin skeleton. I've seen pictures of her and my immediate reaction is horrified by how thin her arms/legs/whatever are, which is sad because my immediate reaction should be wow what an amazing outfit she has on, that shouldn't be the after thought