Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Night Out: NEXT Restaurant

Now I know this blog is called fashion over groceries, but I just HAD to share my most recent dining experience at Next Restaurant here in Chicago. Chef Grant Achatz of the famed Alinea opened NEXT not too long ago and with a themed menu every few months, you can only imagine the hype around all of this when they announced they were doing one based on childhood. My man and I were dying to go and with tickets (yes you must have tickets) very hard to snag, it was somewhat unlikely we'd attend. My boyfriend is amazing though and was able to get two seats for us this past Friday night. What an incredible surprise! The Childhood menu at NEXT was so much fun and right up my alley, as I am such a kid at heart. We had a fabulous time, were beyond amused by each dish, and left quite stuffed. A wonderful time for sure. Hope you guys had a great weekend! XO, Liza

 The menu
 NEXT's interpretation of Fish N Chips
 Too cute, right?
 Yes one of the courses arrived in lunchboxes, complete with a thermos. Alf for my man...
 .... and the Popples for me!
Before dinner, I posed next to the Christmas tree. We are enjoying it for a few more days before we take it down. So sad!

Outfit Details:
Dolce Vita Silk Romper
Vintage Necklace


  1. You look gorgeous here Lize! Love the Next pics too

  2. Elaine!!!! I love this!!! This place look so cute! And I love that pic of you!

  3. Lol. I loved this post. What a great menu idea for a restaurant to do. Thanks for sharing!