Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WANT, NEED, MUST HAVE: Isabel Marant Patchwork Print Sweatshirt

K, so if there is one thing I wear all the time, lounging around or running errands, it's a luxurious-esque sweatshirt. I get cold pretty easily, so whether it's Wildfox, Marc by Marc, or JET, I can be comfy AND cute at the same time. Well, this Isabel Marant sweatshirt is drool worthy to me and must be added to my closet IMMEDIATELY! I would wear the crap out of this that is for sure! Yes it is quite expensive, but I l know I'd throw it on over anything and everything. Obsesssssssed. XO, Liza

1 comment:

  1. I looove sweaters! I'm more of a sweater girl than I've ever been before lol. This one you picked out is both cute and comfy looking.

    You have a great blog! I'm now following :)