Monday, October 17, 2011

Favorite Fall Activity: Apple Picking

This past weekend, my man, my sister Jenny, her husband, and I drove up to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin to do our favorite fall activity of all time... apple picking! It was supposed to rain Sunday, but luckily it turned out to be a beautiful day. From apples and cider to fresh donuts and pumpkins, it fiiiinallly feels like fall. Loving it. Hope you all had a great weekend! XO, Liza

 Outfit Details: 
Hengst Baby Doll Plaid Dress
See By Chloe Studded Combat Boots


  1. Those studded boots are fierce xoxo

  2. i wish we had orchards here to pick our own fruit. must be a fun experience. closest we have would be the pumpkin patch, lol!


  3. YEAH, those boots are insanely punked!!!! Superb day at the cider barn too..

  4. since about two weeks I'm just eating self-picked apples from my father's workmate! and I love it ;) I really like your blog! So what about following each other? Just let me know when you followed me and I'll follow you back! xo Vivi

  5. Those boots are so pretty! Please follow my blog-