Monday, August 8, 2011

Street Style Maven: Emma Roberts

Although I have already done a post on her on my previous blog, I Live For It, I can't help but get inspired everytime I see paparazzi photos of Emma Roberts. The 20- year-old may quite possibly have the best street style in Hollywood at the moment! I feel as if most of the time these celebrities look beyond contrived and are trying super hard to dress in things that they shouldn't be wearing. On the other hand, Ms. Roberts always look age appropriate, adorable, and VERY fashionable! I just can't help but love her! What do you guys all think? XO, Liza 

 Carrying a giant garment bag and shopping bag from Miu Miu! Jealous right? Haha! Love her little sleeveless shirt dress here tied together with an Hermes belt. I'm usually not a huge fan of belting dresses, but this works for sure.
 Those heels! Such an amazing color.
 This outfit would most likely look trashy on any other girl, but on Emma it looks too cute. Not many people can pull off knee socks and leopard heels!
 She has such a sweet smile. Her bag here is to die for, as well as that gorgeous long white dress.
 Running errands in a Topshop dress, patent leather flats, and a Miu Miu studded bag.
 Obsessed with her 3.1 Philip Lim sweater! Love how she paired it with baggy jean shorts and espadrilles. Casual cool.
 One of my favorite dresses from Opening Ceremony's spring line. 
 Cute dress after cute dress, right?
 Love the Bliss Lau body chain with a simple solid colored tank and jeans. 
This might be my favorite photo of the bunch. From her hair to her skirt to the little clogs, everything about this look is perfect.


  1. I love her style too. It has such a great girly quality that never looks super trendy.

  2. Emma's awesome, I love everything she's wearing here. Her taste in shoes makes it all better :D

  3. I loved her (and her clothes) already in Nancy Drew and yeah, her style is lovely but at the same time edgy (Y)

  4. I love her style!!!!! Those shoes in the 2nd photo look amazing on her!!!!!!!!! IWANT! Ohand. I am following ur blog :D follow mines?

  5. I think her outfits arent too contrived and come off as completely styish but in a normal I dressed myself this morning way. her collection of dresses are envious and she has an eye for the right thing.

  6. Wow, she really looks wonderful! Great style!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  7. I saw her in Notting Hill (london) last month, she's so cute, and yeah she has a great style!!! Xxx

  8. Her style is gorgeous !

    Follow each other?

  9. That photo of her balancing coffee while in those amazing turquoise heels is fabulous! I wish I could be as effortlessly chic as her!


  10. She is so classy and beautiful! who cant be inspired by her?!

  11. Nice pictures....