Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Liza's August Playlist

Can't believe that it's already halfway through August! Summer has really flown by, right? Anyways, before the month ends, here is a little playlist of mine that's been on rotation on my ipod. Hope you enjoy!  XO, Liza

Adore Colbie Caillat and adore this song!
Jessie J is a fabulous new artist on the scene. Her voice is amazing and I'm loving this particular song of hers.
Gavin DeGraw reminds me of when I was nineteen... my best friend and I constantly had his music on while we cruised around Chicago and Nashville. Definite nostalgia listening to his voice.
A great dance tune that's been on constant repeat for me!
A little 70's in the mix...
Going to see Portishead in the fall and I can't wait. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs.
Love C.S.S. Their music reminds me of 2006 and always puts a smile on my face as cheesy as it sounds!
This Shirelles song covered by the late Amy Winehouse is insanely gorgeous. RIP Amy. One of my all time favorite artists.
Sara Bareilles has such a beautiful voice. Period. I love that her music is a mix of slow and upbeat.
Love the soulfulness in this 1960's hit. Makes me want to dance around my apartment all day. Haha!


  1. Huge Portishead song - this song is my favourite too! Also lovin Jessie J right now - the UK have gone mad for her xoxo

  2. Cry to Me is an amazing song, I know what you mean, it really does make me wanna dance around. It's especially hard when you listen to it on the train when you have to try and keep still !


  3. Need to check all of these out. Love me some good sara bareilles. cry to me has so much soul! eyes is so good, I like the contrast of her slow voice and a faster beat.


  4. seems like an interesting list! you have a good taste in music ;) and yeah, Jessie J is pretty good!

  5. i love colbie, she's such a great singer. and her songs are just amazing

  6. Great playlist. These are such chill tunes to be listening to for a relaxing summer day. And I also have a love for songs that remind me of memories!


  7. Glory Box has been one of my all time favorite songs...I love it. Have you seen Stealing Beauty with Liv Tyler? The first time I heard that song is was in the that movie.