Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Liza's July Playlist

Music is another major interest of mine besides fashion, so I felt I'd give you guys a little playlist I conjured up for the month... Hey, I might make this a monthly thing! What do you guys think? Here are some songs that have been on heavy rotation on my iPod at the moment. Whether I am cruising around, laying by the pool, or blogging, I am never without some tunes! XO, Liza

Love Foster the People. Their music is fun and upbeat. Can't go wrong.
So who doesn't just LOVE Adele? Her music is beyond catchy and her voice is so beautiful. This is one of my faves from her recent album. 
I've never cared much for Nicki Minaj, but I do like this song for some reason!
My boyfriend and I's favorite summer song! What a great tune... instant hit!
Fitz & the Tantrum's album is on constant repeat for me. I love their old school sound.
TV on the Radio is a fabulous group. All the music they put out is amazing. I've kind of killed this song, but I still love it.
This song is so cute. Love love love.
I was a major fan of "The Voice" this summer, so I had to include Javier on this list. I am so glad he won because he is the BEST. Such a gorgeous voice. I never liked this Sarah Mclachlan song until he covered it.
I've probably played this song a bazillion times this past winter... still not really sick of it though!
Wow. I just listened to this for the first time the other day and I adore it.


  1. Bon Iver's new recored is great,

    good music taste x

  2. thanks for these songs! Better check them out! <3

    xoxo, Bree

  3. yes this should be a monthly routine, always love a good new song. moves like jagger is awesome, javier is terrific even though I loved dia he was awesome. bon iver is a talent. going to check out the rest!

  4. thanks for these! i will deff check them out!

    xx jordana

  5. Hi Liza, thanks so much for your comment and the follow! Means a lot.
    I must admit, I don't really know most of the names on the list (apart from Adele and Christina), so am curious to hear the songs you like.

    Have a great day, sweetie!

  6. I'll check them out and what you said is true, Who doesn't love Adele? I love your blog too! Please follow mine or at least comment-

  7. this looks like a great playlist! you should definitely make it a monthly thing, that would be cool! love your blog! i am following you now, and would love it if you followed me back! :)

  8. You have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  9. great list
    and thanks I'm a follower back :)

  10. OMG
    Love that lace tank!
    Recently saw an amazing one at Oak+Fort! PS loving your blog :)