Friday, July 15, 2011

Inspired By: Beverly Hills 90210

Now don't get me wrong... I do actually love the new generation of 90210 that premiered on the CW just a few years ago. My sister and I call eachother after every episode to gossip about what happened between Annie and Liam, Naomi and her nerd, etc etc. But nothing can really ever top the original Beverly Hills 90210. It honestly brings me back to my childhood,  sneaking into the tv room to watch it over my sister and her friends shoulders. I was only six years old when it first aired, but I guess I can say I have practically seen EVERY episode to this day. Beverly Hills 90210 not only had an amazing cast and a gorgeous landscape, but very memorable outfits! I mean, how can you NOT remember Brenda and Kelly's matching black and white off the shoulder prom dress? Or Donna Martin's tight little body hugging floral minis? Well I found a bunch of items on some of my favorite shopping sites that are SURE to bring you right back to the nineties. Hope you all enjoy! Happy weekend! XO, Liza

 The original gang!
 This photo is epic. It really cracks me up.

 MinkPink Daisy Chain Crop Blouse, $80. Cropped AND a daisy print? Beyond 1992! Love it so much. This is such a great top to just hang around in the summertime.

 Crochet Scalloped Crop Top, $79. If you can't picture Donna Martin with barrettes in her short red bob and this top... well then I don't know... Hahaha! This is SO her though. She'd definitely rock it running her little boutique.

 J Brand Power Stretch Legging Jeans, $192. This wash of denim is pretty much identical to the shade of jeans the gals of West Beverly would be sporting. Obviously I couldn't show you guys a pair of baggy tapered ones ´a la Brenda Walsh... ya get the picture. ;)
 Rebecca Minkoff Becky Jacket, $325. If Jackie Taylor was living in 2011 today (Ugh, remember when they killed her off in the new one? Bad idea)... she would for sure be wearing this blazer. I am LOVING this for the fall! Definitely a piece I would throw on over anything!
 The back is amazing!
 Tavik "The Dos Lunas" Swimsuit, $89.95 on sale (Originally $135). This swimsuit by one of my fave bikini lines, Tavik, is SO Beach Club, right? Kelly or Donna would totally be running around in this while playing volleyball.
 The detailing is fabulous!

 Double Knot Black Dress, $68. This would be the updated version of what Brenda, Kelly, or Donna would wear while backing up Emily Valentine to "Breaking Up is Hard to Do". Hahahaha! I am re-living so many 90210 memories as I write this post... 

 Curent Elliott Mechanic Denim Jacket, $298. Last but not least, I had to throw a denim jacket in the mix! The girls at West Bev were rarely seen without a denim coat draped over their shoulders. Duh! ;)



  2. Amazing!! My fave fashion over groceries post yet!
    Xo sassy

  3. a trip down memory lane told in a tale of clothies. love the concept, and the first outfit is so lovely, the swimsuit is killer!

  4. Love the outfits you picked! Nothing beats classic 90210, it's amazing. That red blazer is great and the cropped lace top is really pretty.

  5. Following you back dear! thank you xx Joice

  6. I've actually never watched 90210! But these clothes are lovely, I especially like the crop top!
    Thanks for your comment xo

  7. the bathing suit is mine! hehe =]
    cool blog!

  8. the first time ive actually seen the orginal cast!! wow how its changed! clothing still rocks! love the fashion photo you also uploaded, lace is what i heart!! thank you for now following me, means so much!

  9. Fab post idea, Val! That red blazer is nauseous. So gettin' that. Good call. Love youuuuu!

    xx. Emilio Val Ralaine Ukraine

  10. The original shows are always better than their new versions! that is definitely an epic photo. love your clothing picks and beautiful lace top :)

  11. I used to watch 90210 before but then i stopped. i don't really know why. my sister still tunes in though. i really really like the Rebecca Minkoff Becky jacket. super stylish!

    I just recently came across your blog. It's very nice and unique!


  12. Great post!

  13. Absolutely amazing clothes!! I love the swimsuit.. It reminds me of 90's style! :)

  14. Hahaha! What a blast from the past. I haven't bothered with the new series because in my mind you can't beat the original. God, how I loved it :P

  15. Oh I used to LOVE that show (the original!) I haven't seen the newer one, can't top the old one you know? :-) Cute post!

  16. I'm loving your blog babe :D xxx

  17. You really brought back some this post. Made me smile! And what great picks. I'm loving the crochet crop top and the RM jacket..very cool! cool post!
    Dressology HQ

  18. Ooooohhh the 90's! Love it! Missi it!
    Thanks for the visit and comment. I'm following back.

  19. These are all such great finds, but I especially love the daisy print crop top. SO cute.

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  20. This is a great post! My mom never let me watch this show, so I really appreciate it. 90210 still excites me in a forbidden sort of way. Thanks for following my blog! Following you back now, cause I like yours too :)