Monday, February 20, 2012

Favorite Designer: To Be Adored

One of my favorite online shopping destinations, Bona Drag, is always on point when it comes to trends and ultimately amazing designers that you can't find anywhere else. That to me is very important, as many brands and designers become oversaturated and just lose that appeal. TBA (To Be Adored) is a line that hails from the UK, designed by Binbin McNiven. Freelancing before she launched her brand in 2009, McNiven kills it when it comes to sweet vintage inspired babydoll dresses. SO up my alley. I kind of want every piece. The soft colors, sweet cuts, and little details are just perfection in my eyes. I adore... XO, Liza

 Lilac April Top, $180. This is absolutely darling, right? So cute! Such a great staple.

 Dorothy Dress, $198. I think this is my fave of the bunch. My man hates it though, as he says it reminds him of Lana Del Rey. Haha! Well once I get it, I will change his opinion. 

 Very Mia Farrow-esque.

Art Deco Jeannie Dress, $198. This pattern is fantastic and you can never have enough sweet little pleated dresses with amazing collars. Looove this.

Amelie Burnt Orange Beaded Collar Mini Dress, $180. I'm never a big orange fan, but I love it on this dress! The beaded collar really ties the whole thing together too. 


  1. Oh how I adore the peter pan collar trend! I agree, I'm not usually a fan of orange but this works.

    xx Missy

  2. Yes, really adorable! I found this type of dresses in Boutiqueken. They also sell ladies raincoats.

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